Our Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are committed to making sure that you have a great experience with our products and
services. We are confident of the quality of our work and we guarantee that you will be
satisfied with our services.

Our guarantee applies throughout the lifetime of using our products and services. When you
send us your comments, questions, suggestions or issues we assure you that we will do
everything possible to insure your continued satisfaction.

Please let us know your requests
We want to make sure that our service and product makes your everyday experience
worthwhile, meets and exceeds your expectations and helps run your business smoothly. If
you have any ideas on how we can improve our products or services please feel free to tell

Our business depends on your complete satisfaction.

Our Pledge:

  • Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • We are not done until you are trained and understand how to use our system.
  • We will come back in 30 days to give you a free “10,000 mile check up” at our expense.
  • We guarantee to put your business results and goals first, and technology second.
  • We speak your language, not technical language.
  • If we install it or build it, it works 24/7 or we fix it free.*
  • We don’t take commissions, fees, or “cuts” from any software providers. Our advice is objective, based on your needs.
  • We will be professional and have a can-do attitude at all times, even if the going gets tough.
  • We provide a complete solution to your problem, not part of a solution. We don’t leave you hanging so that you need to hire other people to finish the job.

*notwithstanding software upgrades, updates or software that is no longer supported.