Database Integration

d’Art Inc. can turn your Web site into a dynamic, data-driven experience.  We can incorporate your existing database into your site to provide you with powerful Internet capabilities:

  • Update your online inventory with new products
  • Revise content such as FAQs and special promotions
  • Create customized pages within minutes
  • Empower your customers with shopping carts, membership accounts, and discussion forums

We offer the latest technology in database connectivity and server-side processing to integrate any ODBC compliant database into your Web site.

Because we have the experience in both traditional languages as well as the newest Web technologies we can take you from expensive, difficult to maintain programs to more a cost-effective, interactive, Web-integrated application.

d’Art Inc. database integration services are designed to provide you the tools to leverage your data for higher returns on your marketing investments.  Our services give you real-time, interactive, Internet-based access to your data and information.  We provide decision support tools so that you may conduct response analyses and view transaction histories.

d’Art Inc. provides you with the keys to database integration: Accessibility, security, and functionality.

Accessibility – Access to your database is a necessary part of effective online marketing.  If you don’t have access to your data, you can’t move your product.  We provide you continuous access to your data so that your information is there whenever you need it.

Security – We know your data is one of your most valuable corporate assets.  With a three-fold system of authentication, encryption, and strict auditing, your privacy is assured.

Functionality – We create the tools you need to analyze your data. Everything from transaction history to response rates can be analyzed to ensure you have the information you need for effective online marketing.