e-Commerce Solutions

d’Art Inc. is positioned to take you from concept through final execution of dynamic, revenue generating eCommerce site development.  Whether you are selling one product or thousands of products, we have eCommerce solutions for you.

Consulting and implementation costs have been streamlined, making eCommerce a viable solution for almost every business.  We have business models for any type of industry, from direct mail catalog conversions to basic retail outlet implementations.  This breakthrough allows businesses of all types the opportunity to join in online direct sales and marketing.

d’Art Inc. will make this a painless process by guiding you through the steps of information collection, graphic and business rule development, functionality specification, and comprehensive site design.  All catalogs are created in a secure environment so the consumer will have complete confidence that it is safe to shop at your site.

At d’Art Inc. , we take the security of your Web site very seriously.  In today’s Internet environment, your customers demand security when placing orders or providing personal information.  We design our clients’ Web sites to operate securely in all major browsers utilizing VersiSign™ SSL security certificates.  We can provide you with a secure solution to fit your needs, whether it’s a secure order form or an entirely secure site requiring a login name and password.

Shopping Systems
To successfully sell goods or services over the Internet, you need a site that is easy to navigate and even easier to buy from.  The shopping cart is the solution.  We offer complete shopping cart solutions tailored to fit the needs of your business.  In addition to the shopping cart, we can provide the ability to cross-sell products, promote key products, or run promotions.  These features can be integrated into an easy-to-use Web- based administrator’s area.

Database Integration
A database driven eCommerce Web site provides a scalable solution that is very easy to maintain.  Your site can be automatically updated with any changes to product listings in your database.  This makes adding products, changing prices, or editing descriptions a simple task.  We are experienced with all major databases and can help you choose a system that will fit your needs.

Order Processing
Providing your customers with the tools to compile their order online is only the first part of the solution.  The second step is to process credit card transactions and verify that the products ordered are in stock.  This can be accomplished seamlessly the moment your customers click the submit button to send you their order.  We can work with you to set up an account for online credit card processing and then integrate the account into your Web site.

Order Tracking
Online customers’ expectations are growing and we can help you grow to meet them.  Many sites now offer real-time order tracking so that customers can monitor the status of their orders.  This is not only a service that your customers will appreciate, it helps cut down on costly calls to your customer service line.

Do you know the specifics about what and how much is being sold through your Web site?  We can provide customized reporting solutions to let you know exactly how you are doing.  We provide reporting based on a time frame, a product line, or a specific department.  Just tell us what you want to know and we can design a system to provide you the information.

Accounting Integration
We can tailor your Web site to integrate directly with your accounting system.  There is no reason to spend money manually entering data that already exists in your site’s database.  We can design a system to integrate all areas of your business, eliminating expensive and error prone steps.