Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaigns

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A Piper Jaffray study* found Pay-Per-Click (PPC) search advertising to be the most cost-effective method of advertising, coming in at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing such as direct mail, email, online banners, telemarketing or the yellow pages. Other reports show that Pay-Per-Click marketing now reaches more than 80% of Internet users**.

Top of the page ads are called “Sponsored Listings” (paid advertising). PPC ads appear in dozens of search engines including: Google, Bing, Yahoo! and more, making up more than 95% of all online searches. PPC Sponsored Listings are the most cost-effective way for doctors to be found by prospective patients searching the web. PPC ads can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your medical website and attract the type of NEW patients you desire.

Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing represent the two best Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising opportunities on the Internet today.

Google is the most popular PPC provider on the Internet and is a “must have”. There is no monthly minimum spending requirement and bids start at 5 cents. We know how to structure your ads to take advantage of Google’s Local Listings and work around their limitations. Ad spending not included.

Yahoo! Search Marketing is another major search engine with their own PPC product called Yahoo! Search Marketing. Yahoo! Search Marketing charges a monthly minimum of $20 and their ads start at 10 cents – still a bargain. We know how to create campaigns on Yahoo! Search Marketing that generate highly visible ads that draw in customers at low cost. Ad spending not included.

We represent you – not Google or Yahoo!. Our objective is to obtain the best result for you – our client. You pay the PPC company directly, there is no mark-up or commission paid to us of any kind. Avoid wasting time and money. Let us setup a PPC program that has been optimized to meet your marketing goals. We know what works and how to generate high-value traffic starting the very first day! Ad spending not included.

Basic PPC Campaign
Our Basic PPC Campaign is a cost-effective way to launch a PPC Campaign quickly and efficiently. Campaigns are based on proven PPC Models that promote the major area of your medical office to your target geographic market. A Certified PPC Specialist will create a single Campaign using a concise list of KeyWords and setup your Account including Budget and Bid recommendations. Ad spending not included.

Premium PPC Campaign
A dedicated PPC Specialist will develop and setup a customized Internet advertising campaign for your firm. We conduct one-on-one consultations and perform account-specific research to design a PPC Campaign to meet your requirements. Premium PPC Campaigns include managing all aspects of your campaign including Setting up your Account Profile, KeyWord Phrase Generation, Ad Copywriting, Budget and Bidding Recommendations, and other requirements to create an effective PPC Campaign. Ad spending not included.

PPC Consultation
For clients who want additional help beyond setting up their PPC Campaigns, We offer PPC Consultation Services on an hourly basis. Every client is different, please email us to schedule an appointment.

* U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray, New Methods in Search Marketing: Contextual Advertising and Other Evolutions (Safa Rashtchy), June 2004

** comScore Media Metrix, September 2004

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